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My Story

I was born with my umbilical cord around my neck. As a result, it severely deteriorated my vision to the point where I could only see shapes from very close. I know more than anyone what it feels to be completely hopeless and frustrated.

Nevertheless, my so called disability allowed me to uncover a hidden musical talent. With it, I found the strength to overcome and develop my music creativity not only for myself but to ultimately share this gift with the world. I know anyone can play piano under any circumstance with my unique methodology.

Fast forward 20 years later, I built one of Montreal’s most exclusive recording studios (QDS recording Studios). I have excelled with a diploma in piano jazz from Cegep Lionel Groulx St-Therese with over 10 years of private classical piano training. Playing from the age of 2, I’ve perfected my ear pitch to recognize notes with extreme acdcruancy. Most importantly, however are the incredible relationships I have formed with my clients.


Start Learning

The Simple Process
Taking action is the only thing you can do to make your musical dream a reality!

Package A

Intro Player

5 weeks duration

30 minutes – 1 hour a week


Package B

Serious Practitioner

10 weeks duration

30 minutes – 1 hour a week


Package C

 Independant Player

6 months duration

30 minutes – 1 hour a week


My promise to you is straightforward: The Michael Ben-Keyz method for learning piano is based on my life experience learning to play the piano with my challenges. Honed and tested over 20 years, I can deliver a full proof method that makes learning fun, simple and most of all rewarding when you see the real progress you can make only after 5 sessions.


My mission is to educate, develop and inspire you to realize that the piano literally represents the “keyz” to your life. The attitude you choose to play life translates in the song you either sing or cry to. Choose your melody wisely!

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